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Friendly and easygoing, the bichon enjoys the company of children and other pets. They don’t mind a busy house full of people or animals to play with, so they’ll fit right in with almost any family. They’ll even curl up on a child’s lap for a snooze. So long as they’re getting enough attention from their humans, they’re an easy dog to please. 


A bichon frise cannot be left alone often, if at all. They absolutely hate being without their humans. Bichons commonly suffer from separation anxiety if they’re left to their own devices, so potential owners need to prepare for a full-time responsibility. “Ignored or isolated, they will go crazy with loneliness and confusion,” Hodges says. “They can be over-demanding for affection.” A bichon frise needs a doting family who will give her plenty of affection, and she’ll give all her love in return.


The characteristic poofy white coat of a bichon won’t remain gorgeous all on its own. Expect frequent brushing, bathing, and trips to a professional groomer.