Aussiedoodle Mini

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What’s an Aussiedoodle? She’s a whip-smart crossbreed with Australian shepherd and poodle parents who’s a bundle of energetic fun, devoted companionship, and glamorous good looks.
An Aussiedoodle’s intelligence, loyal heart, and eagerness to please makes her a wonderful canine companion for families with children. Playful and outgoing, these genius pet pals need consistent positive reinforcement training and boundaries to ensure a happy, productive, and safe environment and a chance for them to live up to their potential.


If you’re wondering what a full-grown Aussiedoodle might look like and how big she’ll be, well, it might be anyone’s guess! Truly one of the most diverse poodle crossbreeds, Aussiedoodles have numerous coat color and texture variations, mainly because of the merle qualities of their Australian shepherd parents and the range of solid colors from their poodle parents.

There’s actually some science to help explain the good looks of an Aussiedoodle. For example, the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at UC Davis notes that some genes might prompt more fur curl, while other genes determine a bushy muzzle, fuzzy eyebrows, and the dominance of merle dappling.